Ice skating at Gorky Park

We went to Gorky Park last weekend, because they have a place for ice skating. When we got there, we realized what an understatement that is.

Last time we went to Gorky Park was in the summer or fall. It has a grandiose entrance, with wide walkways, carefully delineated green spaces, lots of trees for shade, the requisite stands to buy food or drinks or little amusement park-like toys and arcades. There are attractions like go-karts, ferris wheels,
a pond with paddle boats, and so on. A pretty standard amusement park. And it’s on the river, which adds a nice touch to it.

In winter, the park is largely unchanged. Some of the stands are closed and others are open. But, one major change is the ice skating possibilities. You see, many of the walkways have been turned into thick ice which are used for skating. There are easily several miles of skating available. They have rentals, but most people seemed to bring their own skates.

There were hundreds of people there, families with grandparents and young children, teenagers meeting with friends or on dates, kids playing hockey,  etc. It was a really great environment. We just walked around to enjoy the fresh air, but next time, we’ll be renting skates or bringing our own!

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