60 degree swing in under two weeks

Yesterday, my wife asked me to pick her up in the car as we went to view another apartment. We planned to meet at 18.30. At 17.30, I innocently approached the car, cleaned off all the snow and then tried to start it. But, it wouldn’t start.

Granted, the dashboard display indicated -24.5 Celsius. And it had been below -30 at night. So, I let it “warm up”. No dice. Our car was not waking up from its hibernation yesterday. So, we walked to the apartment. I thought about how cold it was, dreaming of some place warm. And, then it hit me.

Less than two weeks ago, we were in Mauritius. SPF 30 and still sunburned! Now, back at home, we’re dealing with quite a different temperature extreme. I wouldn’t say that one is worse than the other, but I sure wouldn’t mind if the temperature climbed back up to something closer to zero!

From +30 to -30. Woah. How do you pack for THAT?

More importantly, for those who have lived in Moscow or other extremely cold winters, are there any tricks to starting a car? Unfortunately, we don’t have a garage to store the car, so it’s subjected to the elements.

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