Apartment Search in Moscow

Moscow apartments are expensive. No doubt about that. Everyone knows that Moscow is very expensive. And they have a different business model here for apartment agencies: the client pays the agency. One month’s rent or more.

Well, for that kind of money, damnit, I want some service! Really. I mean, how many times do I have to tell the agents what my requirements are? After telling every agent that we need at least four bedrooms, at least two baths with either a shower or a bath, a normal US-sized DW, near certain metro stops, not on a major road, etc., they still manage to show me apartments that don’t match. It really wastes my time. Not too mention it’s cold out there!

These agents have databases, but they are really not fine tuned enough. And/or they have the old Garbage In/Garbage Out syndrome. But, whatever it is, someone needs to really make the experience better.

Do you have any suggestions regarding finding an apartment in Moscow. An agent or agency you like? Tricks of the trade? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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One Comment on “Apartment Search in Moscow”

  1. Have you tried to look for apartment in Internet. There are plenty of sites which offer this service. My friend tried to look for apartment in Bostom via Internet and was very excited about the opportunities and quick and easy use of this service. Google always helps to find such sites. Try “Moscow apartments” as a keyword.

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