Apple Mac Center

I have been overseas since Apple announced and started to open Apple Stores. Every time I return to the States, I inevitably come across some Apple Stores, often one which was not there the last time I came home. Mostly, I drool, but sometimes, I buy.

Naturally, I have been very excited that Apple opened stores internationally, but I know that it will be a long time coming before I see an Apple Store where I live. Previously: Kyiv, Ukraine. Now: Moscow, Russia. Even my second home in Berlin seems unlikely to have an Apple Store.

So imagine my surprise when my wife called me the other day from the shopping mall near where she works, informing me that there was an Apple Store there. I was incredulous. I still am. While it’s not technically an Apple Store (it’s actually an Apple Center), it’s 100% Apple. It has the same style and feel of an Apple Store, but it has no Genius Bar. I’m told they will, but I’m not sure where they would put it. But, they have all the Apple desktops, laptops, iPods and so on. Very little in the way of third-party products (cameras, etc.), but still a very welcome addition to my Moscow experience.

The Moscow Apple Center is located at Atrium at Metro Kurskaya. It is on the first floor, near the back entrance which looks out on the train station. Check it out!

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2 Comments on “Apple Mac Center”

  1. digenis Says:

    Yep! I accidentally stumbled across the Apple Center at Kurskaya when I was meeting some friends for pizza at Atrium. I was pleasantly surprised. Hopefully this will be one of the first steps to getting more Mac users in Russia. I’m already seeing many more people with iPods around Moscow, and that product has been a segue-way for some people to make the ‘switch’.

    I’ve even found two places that offer pirated Mac software. They even have iLife 06 already…

  2. Guillaume Says:

    Hi! I’m going there today, any ideas if they still sell mac software at Garboushka?

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