Two Strikes and a Hit

Yesterday, I decided I would do something different: go out and see a museum or something like that. While browsing, I found and from that I learned about the Moscow House of Photography. The website is well done, there are several exhibitions listed, most prominently, Alexandr Slusarev’s “The City I Live In” and “Russian Vision on Europe”.

“Great!” I thought. So, I clicked on Contacts to find out where it was, when it was open, etc. Turns out it’s right around the corner from where I live, near Metro Novoslobodskaya. Even better!

Before I left, I looked up the bowling alley, Depo, which is apparently also not so far from my house, thinking I’d go find it, bowl a game or two and then return home.

As I was crossing the street, I saw a white van with flashing lights on top parked in front of my building. I don’t know what caught my eye, but I walked towards it, thinking, nay, hoping it was a road service vehicle. Something like AAA in the US or ADAC in Germany. I’ve been trying to find something like it here, but have been unsuccessful so far. And, due to the extreme cold last week, my car won’t start. Well, lo and behold, they are! They are called Evacuator24, they jump start cars, provide other automotive services and also tow, if necessary. The other company I heard about was Angel, but I also heard they were expensive. I don’t know about this company, yet.

Back to the House of Photography. It is literally only five minutes from home. I got to the right street, and walked up to the next builidng. It’s not marked very well. The driveway has a black iron gate with a guardhouse on the inside. The gate was mostly closed, but slighly ajar. There was a cardboard sign stuck in the gate which I thought read “until 14.00h sushi.” It actually was the address, “dom 14 this way”. I walked in, walked alongside the very nice, old-style but newly renovated building as the map indicated. Along the way, I saw a simple sign in the window which read “Moscow House of Photography” with an arrow pointing in my intended direction.

I circled around back and saw an unmarked door. I entered but saw no indication of where to go. I heard voices up the stairs, so I went there. There was a guard and a woman talking to him. She seemed like she was here to drop something off, like a picture or a portfolio or something. So, I asked. The guard said that there were no exhibitions, that the place had closed 1-2 weeks ago. All the collections were on their way to other cities or countries. “We’re closed. Go away. Don’t come back.” What!?

Strike one.

Next stop, bowling alley. Since I also wanted to see where the tram goes, I decided to take the tram to the bowling alley. It’s about 5 or 6 stops from Novoslobodskaya. I should have gotten off at Dom Kultury, but I got off at the next stop and had to walk back. Dom Kultury and the bowling alley have the same address, so I went in and asked the guard about the bowling alley. She said there used to be a bowling alley next door, but no longer. It’s been gone for some time. <sigh>

Strike two.

So, time to go home. Get some work done. On my way, I was fingering the business card from the road service people, thinking I would call them and try to get them to start my car. Then, I saw the van again. I saw the driver getting in so I asked if he’d help me with my car. He had a call he had to answer, but he said he’d be back in an hour.

I went back in an hour and the guys said they had another call, so they took my number and said they’d call when they were free. An hour later, they called, came around and jump started my car. But, it was very expensive. 6000 roubles just for 10 minutes work. OK, let’s see how much Angel costs next time. Or I’ll just buy some jumper cables and do it myself. Sheesh.

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2 Comments on “Two Strikes and a Hit”

  1. MoscowBlog Says:

    […] A few days ago, I wrote about my attempts to see the Moscow House of Photography. No dice. So, the next day, I was determined to go somewhere else. I looked online and in our Lonely Planet Moscow guide and decided on the Contemporary History Museum, “which provides a pretty honest account of Soviet history from the 1905 and 1917 revolutions up to the 1980s.” Add in that it’s right around the corner, and we have a winner! […]

  2. narya Says:

    Try Angel next time. They jumpstarted my car last year (the battery had died during our 7 week absence from Moscow) for a mere 1.500 roubles …


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