Amazing Bakery Found

Americans are not, on the whole, into bread. That is, bread at home is used for sandwiches, not much else. Yes, there are rolls, biscuits, buns, and the like, but usually for a fancy meal, like for a holiday. And, bread served at restaurants is often good, so much so that one’s dinner is spoiled. But, mostly, Wonder Bread and Home Pride sustain most ‘regular’ Americans. I know that when I live in the US, I’m a regular Home Pride consumer.

But, in Europe, it’s different. It’s a staple of almost every meal. I love the dark German bread. I remember breakfast with Nutella on it or a snack with some ham, cheese, and mustard. Hmmmmm, yummy. In France, the baguette ruled supreme, but of course it was just a vehicle for other delectables for the myriad of cheeses, meats, patés, etc. In Ukraine, they have some bread which is very similar to the German bread, which I fell in love with again.

And now I’m in Moscow. Pardon the constant comparison, but in Ukraine there was a bread kiosk on almost every corner, all of them good, some of the great, a few of them excellent. Here, the bread selection is disheartening to say the least, not to mention it’s just hard to find a bakery with fresh bread. The bread here is edible, but it’s nothing to write home about. I guess when the USSR collapsed, Russians lost their bread connection with the Ukraine.

But, over the weekend, we found a great bread place. It’s called Volkonski, located on Bolshoi Sadovaya 46/2 near M. Mayakovskaya. Phone number is (+7.495) 299.36.20.

This place is great. It’s both a bakery and a cafe. They have several sorts of bread, including one which is reminiscent of German dark bread. They have patisseries, croissants, cookies, cakes, pies, and so on. We bought some bread, an assortment of cookies, and had some hot chocolate and coffee with croissants and everything was great.

Furthermore, they also have breakfast starting at 8:00am every day of the week. This in contrast to the several places I’ve seen which serve breakfast starting at 10:00 or 11:00. This makes no sense at all for weekdays.

We have already eaten all our bread, so we have to get more. Treat yourself and visit this place for yourself!

If you know of other places in Moscow to find good bread, please leave a comment here. I’d really like to know.

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4 Comments on “Amazing Bakery Found”

  1. narya Says:

    The “Megacentr Italiya” (ul. Ak. Pilyugina, 10) and “Stokmann” (within the “Mega”-Mall, 41 km MKAD, I’m not sure about the one on the Garden Ring) usually have lots of bread to even satisfy a demanding German taste. I can recommend both, but be prepared to pay tenfold.


  2. Vincent Says:

    Actually Volkonski is a French bakery, from the famous parisian baker Eric Kayser.

  3. mollymuppet Says:

    There is also a Volkonski near metro Kitay Gorod, on ul. Maroseyka. Great cafe, we eat there a couple times a week, and take lots of bread home.

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