World of Arts

Yesterday, we went to a theatre to see a movie. On DVD. Of our choice. It was way cool.

You see, a few months ago, I was reading one of the many english language newspapers in Moscow (let’s see, that would be the Moscow Times, Moscow Tribune, Moscow News, eXile. Have I missed any?) and saw a one column article discussing cinema in Moscow. Seven theatres were listed, the first one was the World of Arts (Мир и?ку??тва).

What is cool about this place is that it’s a small personal cinema. There’s a big screen in a room set up with about eight rows of chairs. Ten chairs per row, I’d guess. The chairs are nicely spaced and there is still 10 paces of space between the front row and the screen. They have a library of DVDs to choose from or you can bring one of your own DVDs.

They have a regular schedule of movies which they show every day, every week. Sunday mornings they show some children’s animated movies for free. But, there are several evening time slots during the week which one can reserve. 90 minutes costs 1600 roubles, additional half hours cost 500 roubles more. You can bring up to 20 people for that price; more people and there’s a surcharge.

One downside to the place is that they don’t allow food or drink. Luckily, there are several cafés, bars, restaurants nearby which one can visit before or after the show.

We had a long list of movies we considered showing. First, we thought we’d watch something with a Moscow or Russian theme. But, we wanted a feel-good or comedy movie. So, I thought of White Nights and Moscow on the Hudson. Couldn’t find them in Moscow. Not in time, at least. Then, Fisher King, Fish Called Wanda, Rocky Horror Picture Show, As Good As It Gets and others made the list only to be impossible to find or just not appropriate for such an event. Then, I thought about getting a recent movie which hopefully most had not yet seen, such as Syriana, Good Night and Good Luck, and Walk the Line. Well, even though the DVD case said it was in both russian and english, I had the guy check. It wasn’t in english.

So, right before I went to Gorbushka to try my luck there, I saw two movies in my local store. An Unfinished Life and Elvis Has Left the Building. I knew that AUL was supposed to be good, but I hadn’t heard about the other. All I knew is that Chris/Aidan from Northern Exposure/Sex and the City was the lead actor and Kim Basinger was the lead actress. It was a comedy, whereas the other wasn’t. So we picked it up (in Soyuz, by the way). We watched it to make sure we weren’t unleashing an atrocity on our friends.

It was great. Really odd, but laugh-out-loud funny more than once. And quite random. But, funny.

If you haven’t seen Elvis Has Left the Building, try it. It’s a riot.

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  1. […] I recently tried to call the World of Arts cinema, but found their number had changed slightly. Instead of (+7.495), it is now (+7.499). I wonder when this happened? I heard no announcement of a new city code for Moscow…. […]

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