Another positive experience in Moscow

Recently, I was on the lower part of Tverskaya at the Okhotniy Ryad
metro stop and had some time to kill before an appointment. I hadn’t
eaten, so I walked into an unassuming little restaurant called La
Cantina. I was drawn by the Mexican food, which seems to be rare in

The restaurant / bar is quite nice. Some nice beers to choose from
(for instance, Kilkenny), good food at reasonable prices, friendly
staff and apparently live music in the evenings. All-in-all, a good

I got my bill, put down my 1000 rubles and left without waiting for
the change. But the bill was only about 370 rubles. While I like to
think that I’m a good tipper, that was of course a bit extreme. What
happened was that I had one 500 ruble and 1000 ruble bill in my
wallet and pulled out the wrong one. I realized my mistake when I got
home. Way too late.

I returned that evening for the live music. When I arrived, I greeted
the man who had been my waiter earlier and whispered “I believe I
made a mistake earlier today.” He looked at me funny for a second,
then a light bulb went on in his head and he nodded vigorously. I
thought that was the end of it. I mean, I made the mistake, right? My
mistake is someone else’s good fortune. Especially here in Russia.

Imagine my surprise when, five minutes later, he comes to my table
with exact change from my earlier bill. Very matter-of-fact. No
discussion, no haggling, no dirty looks, nothing. Service with a
smile. Wow! I was dumb-founded.

Needless to say, I gave him a sizeable tip for his honesty and
Menschlichkeit. And I stayed for all the music. And I’ve been back
several times since.

Such unexpected behavior, and therefore so pleasant.

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2 Comments on “Another positive experience in Moscow”

  1. achim Says:

    i think this is very typical for how things change in Moscow. Unknown people on daily streetlife are unpleasent and ignorant. But if you start to speak and act things change. I know a lot of situations which first starts unfriendly and which ends very surprisingly to me. The people in Moscow living behind a mask, which wants to be lift.

  2. max Says:

    howcome,everyone arround me has these”positive” experiences.everytime i try to buy something,doesn´t matter what it is ,it always goes wrong.monday,i tried to buy three memory sticks,i needed small sizes ,because they need to be uploaded really fast.i was glad to find three 128mb sticks.but when i came to the cassier,it came out they were deleted out of the markets system weeks ago,3 people in the damn store haven´t been able to find out the prize for one hour.
    today i tried to buy a took the poor devuchka 30 minutes to get rid of the fu**** security knob.
    like i said everyone but me.
    well,i won´t give it up.

    chris,sag mal bescheid wenn was geht am wochenende

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