Metro Buffet

When I first arrived in Moscow, I noticed and frequented what appeared to be a chain of Mexican fast food stands with outlets in many metro stations. I remember ones in Kievskaya and Kurskaya stations, though I know there were others, as well. I often stopped to get a burrito or two on my way to or from somewhere. It was fast, fresh, hot, and very tasty. Inexpensive, too.

Then, they were closed. Quite suddenly, without warning or explanation. I wondered what must have happened, while thinking that it was really quite a good idea and had to be successful if done right. I briefly mourned its passing, hoping it would reopen in the future. Time went on and I lost hope. The stands stood there as monuments to the past, but with no suggestion that they would ever open their doors again.

Yesterday, I was on the metro again. Kurskaya. And it was open! The name has changed. The colors have changed from red and blue to light grey and black, but the menu appears to be the same. The prices are also still reasonable and it tastes great!

Take advantage of it if you are in a rush.

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