Moscow Times just doesn’t get it

Like most newspapers, the Moscow Times newspaper has a classified section. They have sections for Services, Visa Services, For Sale, Wanted, Announcements, Lost and Found and Sports. This is a good thing.

But, I’ve never seen ANYTHING under the Lost and Found or Sports sections. Not once. Why? Simple. Because you have to pay to put something in that section. Now, consider this: someone finds a wallet, an umbrella, a set of keys, or whatever. Being a good samaritan, they decide to find the rightful owner. They open the Times, see the Classified section, call the number and say “I want to place a Lost and Found announcement in the Classified section, please.” They hear “That will cost you….” <click> The amount doesn’t matter, does it?

Same thing for the Sports section. People who are looking for a tennis partner or a place to play volleyball will not be likely to pay to post a message.

C’mon, MT! Get with it. Make certain sections free.

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