Grocery delivery

I’m tired of shopping for groceries. With the traffic, the parking, the congestion in the store, etc. it just takes too long. So, I turned to the internet and found

Overall, shopping at Vigodno is quite good. But, it could be so much better.

Product catalog

The product selection seems good, but entire product categories seem to be missing, such as things for the bathroom (toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, shower gel, shaving cream and shaving blades, etc.). But, they do have products for your pet. Go figure.

Furthermore, just because they have a particular brand, doesn’t mean they will have the exact product / flavor you want. This happened with yogurt, milk, and juice.

Spelling issues abound. Their search function is pretty good, but experience has shown that the numerous spelling mistakes and non-systematic abbreviations render the search mechanism almost useless. My method is to use it to find a product, but if it fails, I don’t assume that the product is not there. I try other search terms, different latin-to-cyrillic transliterations, different languages, abbreviations and finally doing a category drill-down “search.” If the database were simply cleaned up, the search would be come 100x more effective. This is especially necessary since many products come from international sources. They would be well served to have the database include both the original non-cyrillic spelling as well as the cyrillic. And, if abbreviations are absolutely necessary, then they should be systematic.

Inventory problems

Vigodno suffers from the same problem that many restaurants here suffer from. Something is on the menu, but that doesn’t mean they actually have it. What!?

One reason I went to this site is because they offer a certain milk, Dvortzovoe, which I prefer. But, it seems that I have single-handedly depleted their stock in just three orders. Plus, while this milk is produced with different fat contents (1.5%, 2.5%, 3.2% and 4.0%), somehow they don’t have the 2.5% listed, much less in stock. Weird.

My first three orders included Dr. Oetker pepperoni pizzas. Each time they called to confirm my order, they said they didn’t have it. Don’t they replenish their stock?! I placed my fourth order yesterday and they did have it, so I guess they do, but not often enough….

I could go on. Something is wrong. Well, many things. Their supply chain is broken. Their website doesn’t actively reflect what they have in stock.

Adding products to basket

This could also be improved. We buy Danone yogurt, usually six each of each available flavor. After searching and finding the right yogurt, I had all of them listed and merrily changed the quantity to six for each one and then pressed “Add to basket” but found out much later that it had only added the one product which was next to the button. There is no way to add several of multiple products at once. Since I had done that several times, I had to repeat most of the work I’d done. My solution is to ignore the quantity field and just add every product to my basket one by one. Then, when I’m done, I view my basket and change the quantities there. It’s much faster and you just click “Update basket” at the bottom.

Follow-up orders

This is a joy. Other systems I’ve used before either have no way to order the same things every time (milk, juice, yogurt, bread) or had a very awkward template system which was more effort than it was worth. Vigodno gets it right. When you return to their site and login, you can view previous orders. At the bottom of the list is a button to add all items to your shopping cart. Perfect! So, placing a repeat order is really easy. Add all products from a previous order, adjust the quantities and/or remove unnecessary items, add new items and you’re done! I placed an order yesterday in about 5 minutes.

The best thing, and the whole reason why I want to order online, is that they deliver to your apartment. The only problem is that they give themselves all day. “Delivery will be before 5:00pm tomorrow.” So, you have to wait around all day. Not cool.


The prices are Vigodno are competitive. Not the cheapest, not the most expensive. Despite all its deficiencies, I continue to use Vigodno, and would recommend it to others. It’s perfect for staple products: milk, juice, eggs, yogurt, flour, sugar, tea, coffee, rice, butter, oil, etc. I’ve even been happy with the vegetables that I’ve ordered. Naturally, fresh bread and fresh meat and those products (toiletries) which they don’t offer must be bought in person.

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