Leningradsky Prospekt and Parking Violations, Part II

Happy New Year!

I just returned from holidays and when I drove to OBI yesterday, I noticed that part of the new section on Leningradsky Prospekt is open. It seems to be only on the outbound side, starting not too far after Dinamo Stadium. Felt nice, skirting I think two or three intersections and stoplights. I wonder when more sections will be opened? In any case, it’s nice to see some progress on the roads.

Does anyone know of any other major changes for Moscow roads, either future or recent?

Plus, it seems that this crackdown on parking violations is not just a fad. In fact, before Xmas, I was at a very cool restaurant on Pokrova and parked behind a string of cars on the left side, just in front of the restaurant. Sat down, ordered drinks and then the waitress asked, “Are you parked in front? They’re towing cars.” So, I ran outside but the tow truck guys just smiled and said, “We don’t tow red license plates.” Still, I moved the car. Across the street, between all the other parked cars. But, the driver of the car next to me was lingering. “What, is this not a parking spot?” I asked. Well, no. It was a bus stop. So, I got back in and moved it to a legal spot. But, every evening, whenever I drive somewhere and find myself thinking, “Wow, traffic is moving nicely and no cars par…..,” I see the battalion of tow trucks, just waiting for someone to park.

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