Looking for milk and bread

Recently when shopping, I’ve noticed that two products I usually purchase are no longer available. Dvortzovoe Moloko and Harry’s American Sandwich bread.

I used to by the milk at Ramstore, but they don’t stock it any more. Harry’s was available in most stores, but since I got back, I haven’t seen it.

Update: I ordered again from Vigodno and was surprised when they didn’t call to tell me that the milk I wanted was not in stock. I got the milk, but they have changed the packaging to a standard TetraPak model with no closure. They used to have a taller, slimmer package with a screw on top, which is the primary reason I bought that milk. Win some, lose some.

Furthermore, now there seems to be a shortage of Tropicana Orange Juice. The traditional places I shop don’t have it in stock; in some cases, they have NO Tropicana juices in stock. Others have at least some.

I thought supply problems were a thing of the past, at least for Moscow.

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2 Comments on “Looking for milk and bread”

  1. narya Says:

    There’s still plenty of Harry’s in our local Kopeyka. Maybe there’s one in your neighborhood as well.

  2. moscowblog Says:

    Thanks, Narya. I’ve seen it in the stores again, too.

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