Nestle Purelife has problems

We get our water from Nestle Purelife. I didn’t do a lengthy search to choose them. I heard about them, saw an ad, their name is recognizable the prices aren’t awful, so I chose them. It’s been pretty good for almost two years now.

But, in the past month, things are a bit screwy.

First, I called them for 2-3 days, trying to order more water. Couldn’t get through. I forget if it was no answer, busy, or an automated message from the phone company, but the fact is I couldn’t order water. There was no mention of any problem on their web site. I did find a second phone number there, but calling it was equally unsuccessful.

I posted on and to see if anyone else was having trouble reaching them. Yup. Someone suggested ordering online. Right! So I did. But, I received no confirmation of my order. No email. No phone call. So, I called them, hoping their phones worked again. They did. But, the operator had no record of my online order. So I placed an order. They apologized for being unreachable.

OK, so situation back to normal, right? I thought so.

Before leaving on a week’s vacation, I couldn’t get through to Nestle. Placed an order online. Left money with my son. But, they never came. Returned yesterday, no water in the house. Tried to call. First, busy. Then, “Thank you for calling Nestle. All operators are busy at the moment. Please hold the line.”  I held the line until the other side timed out and hung up on me. Again, no information on their site about problems or, perhaps they were closed. But, then the message should say that. “thank you for calling. we are currently closed for the holiday.” or whatever. Nothing. So, I placed an order online. Again, no feedback. Called this morning and someone answered. Did they have my online order? Nope. Argh! What’s the point of offering it if it doesn’t work? So, I placed an order. For tomorrow. 9 May. Victory Day. That’s impressive.

To their credit, several days later, I got a message on from someone who works at Nestle and was checking that I had finally taken gotten my order. They apologized for the problems and inconvenience. I thought that was nice.

But then, I also got an email asking if I had received the free gift that came with my online order. I responded that I hadn’t, but thus far there has been no response.

What I like about Nestle is that they come when they say they will come and within a reasonable time window. I always choose 7-9am and they often ring the doorbell at 7:01am. I like that. Plus, if you are short some cash, they will allow you to pay up next time.

So, come on Nestle. Fix the problems. It shouldn’t be so hard. Yes, the phone system is probably not your fault, but damn it! if you’re offline, then LET ME KNOW! Put something on your website. And, by the way, your website needs help, too.

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