Eurovision 2007

It came and went with barely a whisper, at least in my radar of awareness.

Serbia won. Congratulations.

Ukraine was second – way to go Serduchka!!!

Russia was second – impressive. I’ve heard the song and while it’s got a nice beat, the lyrics are … odd. Anyway, nice result. Try to be happy this time.

But, this is really about the Eurovision organization…. I’ve been trying to get info on the contest all morning, and it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

The Eurovision website looks good, but there are so many things wrong with it or which could be improved. Having missed the live broadcasts, the first thing I want to see is the results. I would expect a big picture of the winner on the front page of, not some 160×120 thumbnail that you can barely tell if the winner is male or female.

And there should be at least a full paragraph or three about the winner, contest, results before the “Read more” link.

There should also be a list of how every country placed on the front page, with a way to easily see both the final and the semi-final. Each of those lists, should have a link to the full and complete table of how people voted for each country. The only table I have found doesn’t show how Russia or Ukraine voted, for instance. But, there is a column for how “Others” voted. What, are the bad guys from Lost voting for Eurovision, now?

The links should be more user-friendly. For instance, should show me a big picture of the winner, the full article about the final, with the table of results for both final and semi-final. And, (or “ukr” or “ua”) should show me the same format but only showing info on the Ukrainian entry. Furthermore, should show me the history of Germany at the contest. I want to see their results for each year with a brief description of each entry.

Oh, and while we’re talking about Germany, it’s time to get rid of the Big Four. They suck. They perennially end up in the bottom of the table. It’s no fair allowing crap acts into the final when four other acts who are loads better get the axe in the semi-final round. Eurovision should follow the Football World Cup format: hosts are automatically in, everyone else has to earn their spot.

Oh, one more thing…. Israel?!?

Back to the website…on the front page, there are currently three boxes under the heading “Hello Europe”. Each box has a header, a picture, a sentence and at the bottom “Read more”. As soon as I saw the picture, I assumed it was a link, and clicked it. Nothing. When I saw the header, I clicked it. Nothing. Finally, I scrolled down enough to see the “read more” link and clicked it. Why?

I have a fast connection, but the site does not load very fast for me. Perhaps because of all the pretty graphics? Perhaps because the site has not been optimized to take advantage of browser caching? If you are going to use CSS – for which you are to be lauded – you must put the CSS code in a separate file and include it. Don’t force my browser to download the same stuff for every page on your site.

I could go on, but I won’t. Unless, gives me a call.

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