Coyote – Mexican

Yesterday, we had a hankering for some mexican food. We had seen Coyote on Prospekt Mira several times and decided to give it a whirl.

Bad decision.

As soon as we entered the place, we were suspect and decided to just order some appetizers and drinks. If that checked out, we could order more. If not, we’d go back to Vapiano for the main course.

We ordered a piña colada, a mararita, nachos, chicken quesadillas and a Caesar salad. It was all bad.

The margarita was in the wrong type of glass, didn’t have crushed ice or enough ice, the mix was wrong, the rim was not salted. We asked for more ice; it came back with big ice cubes, making a bad effort worse.

The piña colada tasted like banana.

The nachos arrived cold, with barely any cheese to be seen. And no sauce

The quesadillas were fried, too oily, already cold when they arrived and the sauce was insufficient.

And somehow the bill was 1100 RUR.

Don’t go here.

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