Update on Illegal Parking

I was in Vapiano restaurant (corner of Prospekt Mira and Grokholsky, near the American Medical Center) and as I was shedding my coat, I noticed a sign on the wall:

“Please be aware that if you park in front near the trolleybus station, your car is at risk for being towed.”

I must admit, when I first saw cars being schlepped away, I thought it would be a passing fad, like the disappearing act of DVD vendors just before an official visit from US or Europe or before the G8 or something like that. But, this seems to be a serious and concerted effort. Молодцы!

What’s more, while driving home from Istra yesterday, stuck in traffic, I saw a yellow sign with a pig on it: “Only pigs throw out their trash on the side of the road.” I can only applaud the people who decided this should be pursued.

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One Comment on “Update on Illegal Parking”

  1. Sounds intersting.. Are you trying to be with my skilled techniques Oh, good joke) What’s the difference between boogers and broccoli? Kids won’t eat broccoli.

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