Suggestion for Moscow Times

Last Friday, I was searching the Moscow Times for movies being shown in English. It was a very frustrating experience, because while there was a very long list of movies and which theaters were showing them and when, the fact that a movie was in english, dubbed or something else entirely was very difficult to locate.  You should do one of two things:

Have a section which only lists movies being shown is English – since the MT is, after all, the premiere English language newspaper in town – as they do sometimes. Why it’s not done every issue, I don’t understand.

Since the majority of movies they listed were dubbed, this shouldn’t even be stated. Instead, at the beginning of the movie listings, there should be a simple statement: “All movies are dubbed into Russian unless otherwise noted.” And then, of course, the exceptions should be noted. Moreover, they should be noted in bold, not just the same as the rest of the text. Make it stand out for crying out loud!

I think the Moscow Times is guilty of resting on its laurels. It is the premiere English language newspaper in Moscow, available virtually everywhere, and so it’s gotten into its middle age, getting a little fat around the middle. Did you see that silly ad with Derk Sauer? “I start every day reading the Moscow Times…blah, blah, blah.” Hmmmm, god I hope so, you are the editor. But, I counted over two full pages which were pure fluff. Really.

I think the MT needs a little shaking up. Have a column called “Have you seen….?” which lists 3-5 cool websites each week. Have a technology column that people can submit questions and get answers. Show the tables for certain sports every day. Or at least things like Hockey World Cup. Daily results and upcoming games.

The list is, unfortunately, quite long. Sadly, they will probably not do anything.

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3 Comments on “Suggestion for Moscow Times”

  1. Ulf Raharjo Says:

    they say where to young,to get are self’s sprun. Ulf Raharjo.

  2. Kirill Says:

    Man, that’s a niche for a business 🙂

  3. Max Says:

    Sadly it seems the Times hasn’t taken your advice.. but the Moscow News does it great (a list of ‘original language’ films, so not just English) – here’s their list for this week

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