Russian Ingenuity – no, really!

The Russians do a lot of jury-rigged things to get things done or make things work. While this is impressive in a certain sense, mostly the examples I’ve seen or made note of make me cringe at the sloppy way something is done, or unsafe, or whatever. Yes, it works, but how long before it breaks again? Yes, it works, but is it safe? Yes, it works, but <insert concern/comment here>.

Today was an exception. I’m thoroughly impressed.

I was walking along Birzhevaya, which is parallel to Red Square, towards Gostinniy Dvor. As I passed the metro entrance, I noticed there were 5-6 cars stopped on the one way street with two big trucks in front of them. Obviously, they were somehow blocked. My first assumption was that the first dump truck had stopped in the middle of the street – others be damned! – blocking everyone else despite their desperate honking.

When I got to the front, I realized that, in fact, it was some parked cars which had prevented the truck from getting through. Naturally, parking is not allowed there, but the policeman watching the intersection was oblivious to the infraction.

So, what to do? What would you have done? I have no idea. Well, actually, I’ve seen it happen once or twice that several men will pick up a car and move it. As a prank, they’ll turn it around 180 degrees to face the opposite direction. This was usually done on a small, light car like a Citroën Deux Chevaux / Ente / Duck (what’s the official name?).

When I saw 5-6 men gathering around the front of the car, I thought maybe that’s what they are going to do, but why are they all on one side of the car?

One guy said, “1-2-3” and they all pushed down hard, lifted, pushed down, lifted, several times – the front end began to bounce! While it was in the air, they pushed it to the side a bit. Three shoves over, and it was enough. They repeated this with the next car and they were – barely – able to drive through.

That was cool. Really cool.

Respect, man.

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