New Nestle Invoice/Receipts

Recently, Nestle changed what documents they provide when they deliver water.

It used to be a two page, carbon-copy document with the little holes on the side which were used for a form-fed, dot matrix
printer. Now it’s printed on a laser printer.

The first time, I thought the change was great – one clean page, all information clearly displayed.

But since then, they’ve given me three A4 pages and another document which is torn off the long side of an A4 page. It’s not stapled together. It’s not clear why they have so many documents. What do I need to save?

Honestly, at this point, I prefer the old documentation.

What I want:  one A4 page with all info and stamps. Nothing else. C’mon, I’m sure you can make it happen.

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One Comment on “New Nestle Invoice/Receipts”

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