Wither Tropicana orange juice?

As most people, I’m a creature of habit, perhaps more so than others. Sometimes it’s irrational, other times, it’s quite rational.

I like Tropicana orange juice because it tastes better than the other brands which are too watery, too acidic, or are otherwise not to my liking.

So, I buy exclusively Tropicana OJ. Except, not for the last 3 weeks, since it’s not to be found.

7th Contintent, Ramstor, Magnolia, Perekrestok – nope.

Does anyone know why? Is it temporary or permanent? If temporary, when will it return?

In the meantime, I have to slink off to McDonald’s to get my OJ fix.

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One Comment on “Wither Tropicana orange juice?”

  1. Ted Says:

    Maybe due to the below average cold weather in California last winter? I know Oranges went up in price here in the U.S. this year.
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