my iPhone….

I have an iPhone. It used to work. But about a month (!) ago, I dropped it. It landed flat on its face. I picked it up, washed it off, looked at it – still had an image, glass seemed intact, even appeared responsive at first glance.

But, 10 minutes later, I wanted to actually use it. Oops. Lower half of the screen was unresponsive. Top half was, but not the lower half. You know, the lower half where you “Swipe to unlock”. Upon closer inspection, there was a hairline crack in the top-left corner. You can barely see it; you have to hold it up to the light and look at a strange angle. But, it’s unmistakeable.

I found but they haven’t had the parts in stock since that fateful day. Plus, their website is misleading at best. It says 1500r to fix it but that’s just the labor. They don’t mention the parts cost, which is considerable. Full cost will be about 6000r. <sigh>

If they ever get the parts in.


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2 Comments on “my iPhone….”

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