About MoscowBlog and Me

I am American living in Moscow, Russia since March 2005. This blog was started to provide a forum for me to relate my experiences here. I wish I had started it earlier, but c’est la vie.

My impressions of Moscow are quite positive. Most people I spoke to about Moscow before coming kept telling me how loud, dirty, expensive, and big Moscow is. Perhaps, but not to a fault. It’s not so loud that I can’t sleep. It’s not so dirty that I’m disgusted to go outside. Expensive? Well, yes. And big? Is that a bad thing?

Yes, there are some things about Moscow which baffle (no internet via cable?), astound or simply amuse me. But there are other things which I would not have expected anywhere, much less in Moscow.

For instance, I bought tickets to the Bolshoi Theater before it closed for renovations. I lost them (found them later acting like a bookmark). I returned to the ка??а and asked what I could do. I was told to return on the day of the concert and we’d be issued tickets to get in. If someone was in our seat, we would be out of luck. If not, sit down and enjoy. Our seats were, of course, empty and we enjoyed the show. Can you imagine this happening at in New York, London or Paris? “Excuse me, I lost my tickets to Cats, can you let me in?”

And this is not the only such instance of unexpected kindness. But, since I didn’t have a blog before, I didn’t record them. Now I have a blog, so I’ll let you know about it.

By the way, yes the blog uses default colors and everything. I want to change that, but first I want to write. One step at a time.


13 Comments on “About MoscowBlog and Me”

  1. narya Says:

    Silly me! I lost tickets to the Bolshoi once and didn’t even think of asking at the box office about it. So we just lost 8.000 rubles. OK, go on, tell me how stupid I am – I can take it …

  2. moscowblog Says:

    Narya: I wouldn’t say that at all. But, now you know you can ask.

  3. Krusenstern Says:

    One week ago the first “Blog-Carnival Russian media” was started. Today already eight articles are registered – but all these articles are from German or Swiss based authors. Where are the authors of English Russia-Blogs?

    More informations about the ”Blog-Carnival Russian media”

  4. Dinc Says:

    It is good to find another foreigner who likes Moscow and Russians..

  5. Oscar Says:

    Interesting site! I’m visiting Moscow/St.Petersburg with some friends in one week and find your site very useful to familiarize myself with Moscow. If possible I would love to ask you some questions/advice on some things. Email me if you have time.


  6. Hallo David,
    netter Blog, leider ist mein Englisch nicht so perfekt. Kennst du Globus in Moskau? http://www.globus.net. Dieses Einzelhandelsgeschäft hat seinen Sitz in St. Wendel, Deutschland. Dort arbeite ich in der EDV – Software-Entwicklung.
    Vom Klassentreffen am Samstag kann ich dir alle Adressen der 75 Schüler mailen. Bis dann, Gruß Jürgen

  7. Ah! How nice to find a fellow expat blogger in Moscow!


  8. MaX Says:

    Good and funny Blog !

    We definitely leave in the same city… even more… same area Prospect Mira ! Worst, we might even have had lunch next to each other in Vapiano….

    Almost scaring…. 🙂


  9. Alexwebmaster Says:

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    I would like to share with you a link to your site
    write me here preonrelt@mail.ru

  10. nikolaivtoroy Says:

    ah moscow! nice blog, nice to see other expats blogging about life in moscow.

  11. richardbozkurt Says:

    hi guys i am new in moscow , i would love to meet nonrussian ppl . let me know if you want Richard@hotmail.com

  12. SovietCity Says:

    Nice blog, looks like an interesting read. It’s good to see some other foreigners in Russia!

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